A Boy standing in dark 

In a dream I talked to myself, 

About a boy lost in thoughts. 

Standing alone in that dark, 

Scared to walk, 

In a dream I talked to myself 

About a boy hit by destiny and crushed by fate, 

Confused about the doors n locks.

Suddenly looking back as if running from his past.

In a dream I talked to myself, 

About a boy singing sad songs, 

Song’s with no lyrics only a music from his broken heart.

         (Aamir Hameed) 

Splitting River 

In the corner of this city I saw that silent boy. 

Whispering, talking to himself. 

He spoked the language that nobody could understand. 

I felt as if it was the language of deep sorrow and pain. 

For a while surrounded by people, he couldn’t hold his face as if he has forget how to talk. 

Trying to explain his tragedy he got remarks of Insanity, 

As I arrived I found in the ocean of his eyes a big strom. 

In his hands was his broken heart, that was bleeding between his palms. 

He was like a victim of his own thoughts. 

Crying, screaming and taking to his broken heart.                          (Aamir Hameed)

Aamir Hameed :Cause I never know! 

You are yourself a cause of this life

Maintain a steady pace or miss somethings, 

Ask for his help, surely he got to help you out, 

Your strength may fail at some part of your life. 

Don’t you worry o traveller, your are  a rainbow, 

With  seven colors you would become an artist. 

       Believe in yourself and your intuition, 

     You are stronger than you think you are.

Break and Unite 

Always wished to put things into right direction but merely successed, feels like nothing works, for a while feels like lost in Insanity. Silence seems the possible way out of this trauma, but where would I find this silence. Writing my frustration in a corner of this quit place and just want to pass this time it’s so bad never felt before like this. 

I kept on failing in every try of my career seems like I wouldn’t be able to continue my studies. No one believes now no one cares now, in the dark phase of this life I am so sacred and I don’t want to lose anything now. I don’t feel like I have no reason to live so many reasons to live but pain is so much deep that life has stop anywhere and nothing is happening around, can’t just believe something good is going to happen for a reason of happiness in this life. I was a kid who never bothered what is happening around, never thought what people think about me. We often hear from others that when we grow up we develop and cherish but I felt something different when we grow old we get bound in a circle that keeps on pulling us and pushing us, we lose every piece of happiness and peaceful happenings. Our vision starts getting narrow we start to escape from our life. At times you have everything that could possibly lead you to a happy life but it never happens, from our exterior appearance we feel developed and grown up but inside we feel lost and sad. The way we used to imagine our life is far more different from the life we live. Life plays it’s role as if we are the character of a different story about which we don’t have any knowledge, a play goes on where your own expression are never allowed we act according to the script in our hands. It doesn’t happen with a single person it happens with whole of the world.

Hard Diamond

Some moments in life freeze you
Some moments here and some there
Everything happens before your eyes something good and something bad
You just try to hold it but it disappears
These things happen beyond our will.
A moment in life decides your value
when we reach that moment it disappears.
In search of the truth we deny the truth.

It would take two decades to complete this debate
listener’s would deny to sit and wait.
Sometimes I have everything that’s worth living.
In the craze of  treasure I am still a Shepherd.

Anxiety doesn’t favour  my solitude

I have lost the place of peace and patience

I don’t understand  circumstances of the time
I wish I could close my eyes and pass this time
With every breathe I am growing the haterd
Against myself against my life,
King of the throne is now a traveller in these streets.

Reality, truth lies inside me, inside my soul
To know the reality make me dead
Make me dead and know the secret
With every secret you would reveal the truth
Far away from this crowd in search of my solitude
I wish I could find someone like me
I can’t promise my return, but I wish I could.

Don’t cry don’t scream I would be in the air.
In each and every breathe I would be there

                        – Aamir Hameed

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About To Return (Aamir Hameed)

Why do I search evil in this world
Evil lies within me, deep inside my blood.
I don’t know who has shown him the way.
He has ruined my life and snatched peace.
Why do I blame Lord for this misery,
Within me I carry disloyal of the Lord.
Looking outside the window pan I found,
The darks clouds arriving to my yard.
Before they turn light into darkness,
I stood to stop the dark clouds wandering.
I know result of this life is gonna be painful
Why do I hope, no one’s going to heal it.
What will happen when I will face my lord
Surely this devil is going to break apart.
How will I face my lord with dirt on my face.
He had send me down with a glowing face.
Before Lord reveals my past, erase it all.
Busy in loving others I have forgotten
Love and promise of my sustainer my lord!
Why do I support evil in hurting my lord.
He still calls me back it’s the greatness of Lord.
Holding the hand of a beautiful girl doesn’t
make my life complete.
Why do I use love to build the Egoistic heart,
Before I die this ego is going to end at all.

– Aamir Hameed

Spiritual Life

Looking at the sky I am feeling the silence,
In the cold nights of this harsh winter.
In this freedom and solitude, you can’t,
Imagine the grievances of this soft heart.
Each beat of the music taking me years back
Better than life is this spiritual state, n peace
This is revelation of truth, rest is all wrong.
Owner of this body has called me tonight.
Will he accept the wounded body tonight
In this crowd no one belongs to me

People around me dream to fail my dream

I fear of the betrayal this life is going to give,
Owner of this life is waiting for it’s arrival.
Silence has poured darkness in the solitude
What could make, will destroy me tonight
Fighting with life, death is mere to come. Better is to pray for the survival tonight.
– – Aamir Hameed

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Life of Aamir Hameed

I don’t know how long this life would go
No one has satisfied me to, accept the death
These tides of the sea have scared me a lot,
When storm is about to come and take me,
Away from the frozen sea, death lives in
Life is joy, people often reveal this to me
So long it has been I am still travelling,
Like a Shepherd m wandering in meadows
I have lost myself somewhere, take me back
I am about to break like a glass, unite me
Before I disappear somebody hold me tight
Lovers! Heal my wounds with love and care
Don’t look at my face, look deep inside me
Something is eating me up inside, find it
Lord is holding my hand to make me stand
Before I could stand I lost the power to stand
I was once a flying bird of this colourful sky
These clouds have covered my coloured sky
With hope M waiting for the arrival of sun
Who is going to cherish this dark sky
Once again stars will dance and glow
With the smile of moon this  air will blow
In this dead body soul will  live again
                   – Aamir Hameed

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